Our Story

Originally established as a construction and remodel firm, we quickly gained a reputation for our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to our clients’ vision. As the years went by, we realized that our passion for creating beautiful interiors extended beyond the physical structure. That’s when we decided to delve into the world of interior design.

Led by our visionary founder, who has always possessed an innate talent for interior design, Hidden Gem Restoration now offers a comprehensive range of services. We relish the opportunity to take full control of our clients’ projects, crafting unique and personalized spaces that reflect their individual tastes and lifestyles. Our clients trust us implicitly, allowing us the creative freedom to turn their dreams into reality.

One Stop Shop

To enhance our offerings, we have launched our own retail store front, bringing all your home needs under one umbrella. Whether you require a home remodel, interior design services, or high-end furniture, Hidden Gem Restoration is your go-to destination. With over 45 furniture vendor relationships, we offer an exclusive selection of both unique and extraordinary pieces.

Meet The Founder

Meet Kourtney Ashley, the visionary behind Hidden Gem Restoration. With a lifelong passion for interior design, she embarked on a captivating journey from Houston to Atlanta, where her creative talents flourished. After successfully running her online retail store and delving into property management and home flipping, Kourtney’s keen eye for captivating spaces has been honed through visiting various homes and apartments, drawing inspiration from their aesthetics. 

Driven by a desire to dedicate her full attention to clients and projects, Kourtney took the leap to pursue her own company. With Hidden Gem Restoration, she and her team are ready to tackle remodeling, interior design, and complete home flips with passion and expertise. Choose Hidden Gem Restoration for transformative results. With Kourtney’s creative vision and unwavering commitment, we bring new life to spaces.