HGR Staging Program

It’s no secret that vacant properties are more challenging to sell — ask any real estate agent. An empty space can lack character, warmth, and can leave the property feeling cold and uninviting, unlike a thoughtfully furnished home. But, we at HGR believe in turning this challenge into an opportunity.

Our ultimate goal is to help realtors present their clients with the highest and best offers and it is a proven fact that staging a home can bring you just that! To achieve this, we offer our unique "Home Staging Program", a solution designed to transform vacant spaces into inviting homes.

Why Stage A Home With HGR?

Staging a home is a proven tactic to increase its appeal to potential buyers. Our Home Staging Program provides several different staging options, curated to suit the unique needs of your property and facilitate a smooth selling process.

Offered Styles

We offer a range of staging styles to suit your property's aesthetic and appeal to various buyer preferences:

Our Packages: Beyond Vacant Homes

Even occupied homes can benefit from our staging program. If your space could use a reset, we offer a special package to refresh interiors. This can range from rearranging your current furniture to introducing accessories or a pop of color, refreshing throw pillows, updating curtains, and much more.