Cremona Vase Tall

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This table vase completes your glamorous sideboard or mantlepiece decor arrangement. It's made of ceramic and has a rounded bud shape that contrasts nicely with angular pictures or art frames. Small petal-like interlocking geometric shapes are filled with a solid color and outlined in a gleaming green finish trim in this pattern. This vase looks great with a chic botanical sprig or on its own as a decorative piece.

  • This can be a decorative accent that is vintage, authentic, one-of-a-kind, and collectible.
  • Perfect piece as home decoration or garden and also ideal as a gift item.
  • This vase stands out in any room thanks to its lively lattice pattern and lightly distressed finish.
  • Outstanding mold and color, with a lovely mottled glaze.
  • The lively lattice pattern and lightly distressed finish of this vase make it stand out in any room.
  • This handmade ceramic vase with an original design is one of the best options for you!